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Speaking at Zendcon - RabbitMQ and PHP

October 25 2010

Next week I’ll be speaking at Zendcon 2010 in Santa Clara, California about Integrating RabbitMQ With PHP. This time the talk will be a little bit different from the one I gave at the IPC Spring Edition conference in Berlin.

Speaking at Zendcon

In this future talk, besides from presenting all the greatness that RabbitMQ is, I will show many messaging/queuing patterns that can be implemented with RabbitMQ. So if you want to learn more about RabbitMQ beyond queuing I invite you to my talk that will be on November 2nd at 10:00 AM.

Also I will show how easily one can build a library like Thumper which can reduce most of our interaction with RabbitMQ to four lines of code or less, removing away the hassle of learning the AMQ Protocol.

So, hope see you there next week!

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