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The Future of php-amqplib

November 16 2011

Yesterday I moved the development of the php-amqplib from here to here This library started as a fork from the repository hosted at Google Code since we wanted to use the library with PHP 5.3 and back then it was raising a lot of E_STRICT errors.

The code hosted at the tnc account was used by The NetCircle in production so we decided to publish it back in Github. Since March I don’t work there anymore so I kind of stopped contributing to that library except from merging the occasional pull request with bug fixes. Now I wanted to start again working in that library, adding tests and refactoring the code structure to a more modern style: separating classes in one file per class, getting rid of the .inc files and possibly introducing namespaces plus other improvements. Besides the code restructure I also integrated the library with so it can be continuously integrated in that platform. To be able to do that I needed to be admin of that repository but since I don’t work anymore at TNC I thought the easiest way was to just fork the project yet again and continue from there. This time since the forking happened in Github it’s easier to track changes.

Are you going to break everything then

Yes and No. I tagged the current stable version of master so you can still get a safe copy from here if you want: v1.0 tag.

New Benchmarks

Since people kept asking me at conferences or over the internet™ about the speed of the library I wrote some small benchmarks that you can try by yourself on your machine. They are very simple but they can give you a baseline to see what to expect:

In those benchmarks I could send/receive 1000 1kb msgs/sec on my 2010 Macbook Pro using RabbitMQ 2.7.0. Please share your results in the comments.


My plans for the future are:

Again please share your comments on what you want to see on the next versions of the library.

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